Why I am Walking in this year’s 9th Annual Vincennes AIDS Walk

“Earlier this year Daniel Ashley Williams lost a dear friend from complications due to AIDS. On March 17, 2018 Danial walked in the Vincennes AIDS Walk to bring awareness to the fact that people are still living with HIV/AIDS and that they can still die from it and to honor the memory of his friend” 

Why I am Walking in this year’s 9th Annual Vincennes AIDS Walk.

Daniel Ashley Williams

My reason for participating in the walk this year is one of sadness but also remembrance and hope. In early January 2018 a friend of mine, someone who I have known for several years passed away. Although he was HIV positive, he refused to take medications. He was healthy for a long time until he got Shingles last fall and was sick or didn’t feel well from then on. His husband took care of him as he got worse and unable to walk. He went into the hospital and after five days his husband lovingly put his head on his chest and held his hand, told him he knew he loved him and that he loves him. Then he was gone at the young age of 36.

He wanted a cure. But after the AIDS coalition disbanded he feared that would not come to pass in the coming future. He felt the political climate had changed against the LGBT community.

He loved being a husband. Married only for four years of their twelve year relationship. He served in the Navy. He was smart and adventures. He will always be missed by his husband, his beloved dogs, and friends.  He will not be forgotten.

AIDS Walk is my way of honoring his memory. I walk for myself being positive since 2009, and I walk because it’s the year 2018 no one should die of a condition related to AIDS. Because I take HIV medications and my viral load is suppress, effectively I have no risk of sexually transmitting HIV to a HIV-negative partners. Take responsibility and protect yourself get tested. HIV/AIDS is treatable and preventable.

Editor’s Note: Thanks Daniel!

Daniel Ashley Williams (Left) and Wally Paynter (right) Photo: Facebook

We here at “The Beacon” wish to acknowledge the hard work and dedication to our own Daniel Ashley Williams. Daniel has put himself out there time after time and week after week sharing his experiences as an HIV positive man living in the Mid-West. Even though we mostly cover the LGBT community in Northwest Indiana and Daniel lives in the Southern part of the state, he was the first person that I thought to participate in our publication.

Because Daniel chooses to share his life though his column “Positive Perspective” and because of his tireless efforts to change peoples perceptions on what it is to live with HIV Daniel was asked to be the honorary chair of the Vincennes AIDS walk on Saturday April 22, 2017.

Thank you Daniel for your openness and thank you for sharing your life with us. We look forward to the things that you have to say and we love helping you say those things.

-John Martin Livelsberger, Publisher of The Beacon by OUT in Michigan City